2,000 year old wisdom

The confrontingly still relevant Letters from a Stoic has recently become the most dog-eared book in my bookshelf.

This is thanks to profound and simple lines like:

Associate with people who are likely to improve you.”


Bringing it to the present day this has me thinking: who are you associating with via mediums such as email and social media and are they serving to improve you?


PS. The irony isn’t lost on me that if you’re reading this very blog then you’re associating with me.

My hope is that these twice-weekly posts are, in fact, improving you in some capacity and providing a moment to pause, lower your spectacles to the end of your nose, raise your head as you puff your imaginary pipe and utter an upbeat and curious “hmm”.

If that’s the case, consider forwarding one to a friend with the subject line “Subscribe to these noods”. If nothing else, it’ll make them laugh.

Originally published at https://noodlescratchers.com on January 27, 2021.



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Peter Shepherd

Pete is the Founder and Director of Human Periscope: helping others see things they can‘t by asking questions others aren’t. https://humanperiscope.com/