Remember the start of 2021 when you set a bunch of goals/intentions/postures/words/resolutions/experiments for the year?

One month in, how are they going?

What have you observed? Are you creating the conditions you said you wanted? What variables do you need to tweak?

Originally published at on January 31, 2021.



The beauty of a good rabbit hole is that we don’t know what’s at the bottom.

Knowing we’re in the dark we’re able to curiously explore a topic staying open to what might be found, remaining unattached to what the end result must look like.

We do this particularly well when researching something new on our own. Perhaps it’s “Best Gazebo’s for camping” or “what’s a poet laureate?”

So what if we took that same posture, of exploration and curiosity, to our conversations with others? What might we see? What might we learn?

Originally published at on January 24, 2021.



Peter Shepherd

Pete is the Founder and Director of Human Periscope: helping others see things they can‘t by asking questions others aren’t.