Leadership is a choice

Peter Shepherd
1 min readFeb 3, 2021


A choice we make based on a vision for a better version of the future. It might be your vision or someone else’s vision.

Before you say “I’m not a leader”, stop reading this blog and go play chess on the board you impulse purchased after binge-watching Queens Gambit it’s worth considering that we can choose to lead from anywhere.

You might be a leader of a company, team, community, family or social group.

Leading doesn’t require permission or a position title. It requires an intentional choice to try and make things better.

At the very least, in choosing to read this blog you’re leading yourself towards a better version of the future.

So yes, you’re a leader.

Feel that pang in your stomach? Hear the voice of you imposter? Considering stopping here and moving your Knight to C5?

Great, that means you’re on the hook.

Put away the chessboard and consider: what does your better version of the future look like?

Originally published at https://noodlescratchers.com on February 3, 2021.



Peter Shepherd

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